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Do not be surprised to experience real changes improving your family life in a short time if this is done. The great Saint Teresa of Avila, woman Doctor of the Church, who loved and promoted devotion to Glorious Saint Joseph commented that sometimes saints delay in their intercession.

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But not so with Saint Joseph, he works quick! She said that he is the saint to beg graces from in all circumstances and situations. Now let us move on to another dimension of the personality of the Great and Glorious Saint Joseph and that is with respect to his Paternity—or if you like, Saint Joseph in his role as Father. By this title, we mean that Saint Joseph as saint is the first to be venerated among all the saints. Saint Bernardine of Siena and other saints give the reason and it is because of the dignity of his office or the dignity of his sublime vocation.

For, according to the vocation that God gives to any individual, He will always give corresponding graces commensurate with that vocation. The Sacrament of Marriage enables a husband and wife to be faithful to each other, and to be responsible and holy parents.

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Holy Orders enables the priest to carry out his priestly duties with grace, order, love, and perfection. Likewise, God called the great Saint Joseph to be both spouse of Mary, the Mother of God, as well as to be the earthly father to Jesus, the Savior of the world.

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Therefore, it stands to reason, that due to these two sublime duties, Saint Joseph would be endowed with a super abundance of graces. For this reason, we want to love Saint Joseph, pray to Saint Joseph, and trust in the power of his intercession. One of the most astounding and mind-boggling works of the Eternal Father was to send His Only Son Jesus, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, and to allow His Son to become a little Baby — vulnerable, weak and totally dependent upon a human mother and a human father — Mary and Saint Joseph.

Indeed, Saint Joseph was and always will be the earthly father of Jesus! This was the will of the eternal Father for all eternity.

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And of course, Saint Joseph was the best of all earthly fathers. We would like to highlight only a few sublime qualities of Saint Joseph as father so that it will serve as a springboard for many fathers to imitate. We all desperately need good role-models to imitate, and now, more than ever, fathers need a role model, and Saint Joseph is by far the best!

The following are five specific qualities that Saint Joseph lived as father to Jesus and as a model of all present and future fathers. May Glorious Saint Joseph intercede for fathers that they will faithfully carry out the sublime role that God has entrusted to them. What is meant by this is simply the following: to be a good father, one must first and foremost be a noble, loving, and obedient son to the heavenly Father.

It is true that both Saint Joseph and Mary decided upon and lived faithfully a virginal marriage, under the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Nonetheless, on a human level there existed a most profound and dynamic love that bound them together, a love imbued with the presence of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, to be true and genuine fathers, husbands must love God, but then they must really love their wives. Then all of these beings of light moved in direction of the Earth to demonstrate that He was the Son of God. The magnitude of this scene overwhelmed us as it was magnificent and intense.

Completing this scene, our consciousnesses were translated to the place where the group was in prayer. There appeared, in the center of the group and inside of this special conjuncture, the presence of Padre Pio. In this moment, remaining alive and present, were the image of the star and of the two hearts. Padre Pio asked us to observe the image with attention. Then appeared by itself the hand of an angel which wrote with cursive letters a sentence above and below this star:.

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  5. Moments later Padre Pio, referring to the meaning of the golden six-pointed star, added the following sentence:. The veneration of these two Sacred Hearts will awaken consolation and will heal souls, repairing them under the splendor of the Light of these Most Sacred Hearts that, renewed by the effusion of the Blessed Trinity, will alleviate the danger that may be lived by any soul upon the Earth. The union with these two Sacred Hearts will approach humanity to the union with the Holy Spirit which will awake through love for the Sacred Hearts, an unfathomable wisdom that will harmonize the inner world of each heart, pacifying it.

    The fusion of each being with the two Hearts in unison will cultivate the power of the meekness and of the humility that Jesus and Mary live as Omnipresent Consciousnesses of the Most High.

    The perfect union of each soul with the two Sacred Hearts will regenerate the spiritual life that may have suffered profound wounds, so that being illuminated by Them, humanity may approach reconciliation to be able to live the Law of the Lord, the Commandments that each being must exercise again for the Good and for the Peace of the world.

    The contemplation and the adoration to the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and of Mary will permit you to shine in the spiritual life and in the prayer of each creature. These two Sacred Hearts, spiritually united to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, radiate to humanity, as a symbol, the great virtues that each soul must practice such as are: Wisdom, Science and to recognize in all things the Holy Love of God.

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    In the fusion of each being with the Star of Peace, the triangle oriented downwards merges the New Humanity with all of the creating gifts of God gifts of the Holy Spirit , and the triangle directed upwards is in perfect harmony with the Holy Spirit, with its coming announced by the Master Jesus. This is possible by means of the loving divine intervention of the Blessed Hearts of Jesus and of Mary.

    In this divine and spiritual sign for the present humanity you will be able to contemplate and to meditate on how, through the Blessed Heart of Christ, the transcendence and the transfiguration of each soul is achieved by means of the powerful action of the of the Sacred Blood and Water that once were poured by Him upon all humanity.

    Through the intermediary of the Immaculate and Blessed Heart of Mary humanity will be able, in this time of definitions, to return to the arms of God. Skip to content. September 3, When trying to describe depths of meaning and relationships, we humans resort to symbolism. Little did either of us then dream of what was to spring from so small a beginning.

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    Letter to Sisters, 4 March The Sisters of Saint Joseph, are meant to go to isolated places to give what money cannot buy, spiritual help to those people for whom nothing but great love of God could keep faith alive. Instruction, Perpetual Adoration Sisters, 17 Feb. His Sacred Heart is all love for us, and it is such a mystery that we can but return love for love and place our entire confidence in Him.

    Instructions, Perpetual Adoration Sisters, I ask you, dearest Sisters, one and all — those who knew him personally and those who have only heard of him — to remember that he dearly loved the Institute and that he wished to see the Sisters humble and full of charity towards each other. Letter to Sisters, 28 Oct.